What makes us different

We inspire young people

The YMCA is all about welcoming, listening, caring and inspiring. We help young people and families to belong, contribute and thrive. In a busy world, we always make time for the individuals who come to us.

“Living in a small house with limited garden space, my kids really benefitted from being able to run around, let off some steam and mix with other children in a safe environment” Daycamp Bursary parent

We make memories that last a lifetime

We create exciting and active places and moments where life skills, confidence and friendships grow. Your first morning, day or night away from home – or the first home of your own – are experiences you’ll never forget. Our whole team works to make them amazing.

“Coming to the YMCA gives our busy family the time to make memories together”  The Grant family

We don’t do it for profit

YMCA Fairthorne Group is a registered charity: we’re proud to be part of the longest-running youth charity in the world. Read about our unique history.

“Our family attended the YMCA Family Festival. It’s been a while since we were able to laugh together and just be a family. We enjoyed eating together and sitting at the table at meal times. We haven’t been able to do this since we lost our family home. Thank you for showing us all what family life should be and enabling us to laugh together again”  Sophie, YMCA housing tenant

Our mission is to ‘champion and add value to young lives by providing experiences that challenge, enable and develop the individual.’

Today, our staff and trustees are working towards an ambitious 5 years of sustained and quality growth as outlined in our Strategic Plan, which is informed by our concept of working the YMCA Way.

Our special way of working is underpinned by the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets. This research explores the influences and actions that affect and support children’s development both within and outside the family. YMCA Fairthorne Group is very excited by this research; it helps us measure how we add real value to the lives of the young people we work with. The 40 Developmental Assets focus on family as well as individuals and supports our understanding of the importance of shared family experiences. We’re working hard to engage whole families, in order to support children and young people.

Our values: listening, caring, welcoming, exciting, inspiring , active

Our head office is YMCA Fairthorne Group, 53 Bugle Street, Southampton SO14 2LF where you can contact us on 02382 140640.