School Counselling

YMCA School Counselling is a service for children and young people living on the Isle of Wight.

Our aim is to offer a community based, health promotion, counselling support programme to enable individuals to cope well and to continue to maintain emotional resilience and independence in response to their experience of living with, or experiencing in others, mental health issues.

A free and confidential service, support can happen via two channels:

Our service

The school commissioned service is different from the Tier 2 service in a few ways:

  • It’s still free and it’s still confidential
  • It’s not limited to six sessions only
  • You can access the service if your mental health issues are more complicated than Tier 2 issues; this might mean that you have been feeling low for a while and that your thoughts and feelings are not temporary.
  • We can still help you to work out whether you also need support from another service on the island such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) or Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (Get Sorted).
  • You can still self refer or ask someone else, usually a teacher or school staff member, to refer you.
  • We will not tell anyone about the details of your sessions unless you tell us about something that is very serious or dangerous. We will always try to talk to you first before we talk to anyone else.
  • You will always be seen by a qualified and experienced counselling therapist and we will work along side you to help you to get more support from your school wherever appropriate.

Contacting us

We currently work in several schools and in the College on the island.  Contact your Student Services Department who will be able to help you to link in with us or you can call us on 01983 861072 or