YCF10 Fairthorne Manor

Fairthorne Manor

YMCA delivers a range of programmes at Fairthorne Manor to help support young people in a variety of settings and circumstances, including the most vulnerable and challenging young people.

Our Fairthorne Manor services include the following:

  • Young Carers Festival – the largest young carers festival in the world for children and young people with a caring responsbility at home.  Held every June for up to 1500 young people and their leaders in conjunction with The Children’s Society.
  • Supported Housing – providing activities and volunteering opportunities for young people staying in our support accommodation in Southampton.
  • Global Youth Leader Camp – an annual summer camp bring together young people from the UK and overseas for a summer of development, leadership training and fun.
  • Young Carers in Focus – an exciting programme giving young carers a chance to communicate, share their stories and advocate for the things that matter most to them. A national network led by 200 young carer ‘champions’ , young people taking part receive training and skills to improve their resilience, confidence, skills and knowledge.

For further information on each Fairthorne Manor option, see the relevant pages listed in the above links.

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