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Social Care Support

Our Social Care Support service provides a free and confidential support service to children and young people living on the Isle of Wight who are known to Children’s Social Services.

Our service

We don’t judge you or your family members and we will listen carefully; if needed we will help you to access the right support for you from other services on the island.  We won’t share what you say to us unless you have to tell us about something very serious or dangerous.  We will always try to talk to you first if we have to go back to your Social Worker and discuss your concerns.

No matter what you are feeling and no matter what you need to say, your counsellor will be able to listen to you and will be able to look at how you can move forward.

  • We provide a safe place for you to be honest about your experiences and about your thoughts and feelings about those experiences
  • We won’t judge you or anyone else and we will help you to work out how you want to move forward if you are living in care
  • We will help you to manage new relationships if you move into care and can help you to emotionally manage access visits with members from your birth family
  • If you want us to we can work with your Social Worker, family, carers or school to help others to understand how you are feeling
  • We can link you to other services on the island if you need a different type of support after experiencing the things that you have experienced
  • You will be treated with respect and will be given the opportunity to work out how you can also help yourself to have the best quality of life possible

Who we support

We often see children and young people who are living with foster carers or with adoptive parents.  We can also offer support when the young person may have experienced bereavement (see our Children’s Bereavement Service page) or loss of support from their birth families.

Getting support

Our service is funded for individuals by Social Care and referrals usually come via Social Workers who are assigned to specific families and their children.  Often the young people that we see can access the Tier 2 Counselling Service and can then also access funding for more sessions through their Social Workers.

Visiting us

We are based at YMCA Winchester House in Shanklin and can be accessed by the numbers 2, 3 and 8 Vectis Buses, with the number 3 dropping you right to our door.  We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and also offer sessions at some island schools and other centres.  Wherever possible we try to offer appointments around school hours for GCSE, A Level or College students.

For further information, contact us now on 01983 861072 or