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Young Carers Service

The Isle of Wight Young Carers team is about giving Young Carers:

  • 1:1 support
  • Meeting other young people in a similar situation
  • Someone to listen if you want to talk
  • Advice and support
  • Support at school
  • A break from caring responsibilities
  • Respite activities
  • Having some fun!

Who are Young Carers?

Young carers are under 18 and look after and give support to either a parent or sibling who is not well.  There may be more than one family member that they care for.

They may care due to a number of reasons, from emotional issues to mobility problems and terminal illness.

What do Young Carers do?

Young carers help the person they care for in many ways such as one of the following:

    • Listening to them
    • Lift or dress them
    • Help them wash or go to the toilet
    • Give medicine or injections
    • Help with housework
    • Do the shopping
    • Worry about them
    • Keep them company
    • Cope with unusual behaviour

Young Carers Festival

The Young Carers Festival (YCF) is an exclusive event for young people with a caring responsibility at home.  It is held at YMCA Fairthorne Manor, near Southampton, enabling young people to enjoy some fun and respite away from their caring role for a weekend.  For details on this years event, visit our YCF page which contains some great videos from past festivals.

What’s it like being a young carer?

Young carers know that caring for someone can be really rewarding, can make a family feel very close and can help a young carer be very organised. But it can also be stressful and tiring, can cause problems for school, make you feel a bit different and lonely and mean you can’t always do the things you’d like to do.

Providing a caring role at a young age can impact on all aspects of a young person’s well being:

                                                      Socially               Emotionally               Educationally

Inappropriate levels of care can have an adverse impact on a young person’s development and potential. Impacts from caring include social isolation and bullying, under achievement, absenteeism from school, physical/mental ill health and feeling stressed/tired.

YMCA Young Carers can give help and support.

Further information

If you would like some more information or would like to become a volunteer / helper, please contact us at the following:

YMCA Isle of Wight Young Carers Project, Winchester House, Sandown Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight PO37 6HU

Tel: 01983 861071


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Become a Friend today…

Friends of YMCA Young Carers Isle of Wight are individuals, groups and businesses that support Young Carers on the Isle of Wight via donations, fundraising and / or volunteering.

‘Without our Friends our charity would struggle to carry out the fantastic work Young Carers on the Isle of Wight deserve and need’ Trudie Augustus-Harris (Young Carers Support Officer)


·     Donate regularly by subscribing to our membership by simply completing and sending us your Standing Order Friends Membership Form

·     Provide one-off donations via JustGiving remember to provide your email address so that we can stay in contact.

·     Provide one-off or regularly giving via cheques made payable to YMCA Fairthorne Group. Send directly to YMCA Young Carers, Winchester House,  Sandown, Shanklin, Isle of Wight PO37 6HT

Please check our Shopping List to view the average costs involved in supporting a Young Carer .


Phone us today on 861071 for further information about how to inspire Young Carers through volunteering.


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For further information about Friends, please click here for our Friends Terms of Reference

The YMCA Young Carers is able to provide a range of support services for schools to help develop a deeper understanding of the issues faced by children and young people with caring responsibilities:

The YMCA Young Carers are able to liaise with school staff in order to engage and support individual young carers.

The YMCA Young Carers can contribute to assemblies and staff meetings to assist in raising awareness about young carers throughout the school community and promote the self identification of young carers.

The YMCA Young Carers may also liaise with individual schools and/or provide support workshops that:

  • Inform school about the impacts of caring on a young carers’ education
  • Identify, engage and support new and known carers
  • Ensure that new young carers are assessed, so that access to other services can be prioritised
  • Highlight good practice approaches to supporting pupils who are young carers
  • Support the identification of a named member of staff that young carers can talk to and whose role is well understood by staff, pupils and parents
  • Establish a young carer support group within a school
  • Liaise with pastoral teams to capacity build, enabling the groups to become self-sustaining
  • Facilitate training workshops for identified School Leads for young carers
  • Provide clear, accessible, up to date information regarding young carers
  • Provide support with transition initiatives within and between schools
  • Provide support with the design and adoption of a Young Carers Policy within schools.

Check back regularly to see any new videos related to Young Carers.

A look at the 2011 Young Carers Festival, held at Fairthorne Manor.

A video promo for Square2Square 2011- raising funds by attempting a massive cycling challenge.