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Modern life can be complicated and stressful, so sometimes we could all use a little extra help to feel that we are living at our best.

Long before ‘health & wellbeing’ became a worldwide buzzword, the YMCA was making a significant contribution to the wellbeing of those using its facilities.  Now the study of wellbeing has become a science, with a growing body of evidence-based information on just exactly what contributes to our wellbeing.

YMCA offers a range of emotional health & wellbeing services for children, young people, families and adults, plus specialist training and support to professionals who work with children and families.

Our services are provided by counsellors in training or by qualified and registered counsellors and therapists who belong to the British Association For Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), Association of Child Psychotherapists, British Psychoanalytic Council and the National Counselling Society.

Find a counsellor near you – visit www.counselling-directory.org.uk.

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