As a charity, YMCA Fairthorne Group is governed by a Board of voluntary Trustees who determine  the long term strategic direction and day to day compliance of the charity with contemporary legislation and best practice.

Trustees are selected for their extensive experience and skills. Each Trustee brings unique qualities and experience to the board through previous or current senior positions within a broad range of businesses, charities and other organisations.

Day to day operational responsibilities are delegated to the senior management team, consisting of a Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, six further directors and around 350 staff.

Our trustees

Sheila Trustee

Sheila Clark

Sheila lives in Hampshire and joined the board of Trustees in 2009. She has spent most of her professional life working in public services in the UK, initially as a teacher, then as a psychologist and most recently as a CEO in the NHS.

Sheila shares the YMCA Fairthorne Group vision for developing local communities so that children, young people and their families have the opportunities they need to thrive . She is regarded as a person of energy, vision and achievement and gets actively involved in all aspects of the YMCA’s work.

Judy Trustee

Judy Hillier

Judy joined the YMCA Fairthorne Group as a trustee in January 2014. Trained as a nurse, she finished her NHS career as a Director of Nursing and has a particular interest in corporate and quality and in providing services for young people.

In addition to her work with the YMCA, Judy chairs her local primary school governing body, is a trustee for a London based learning disability research trust and is a specialist adviser to the Care Quality Commission, inspecting mental health hospitals.

She has three children, who all enjoyed Fairthorne Manor Daycamps, and six grandchildren.

mike cranston

Mike Cranston

Mike began his career in finance at the age of 17 and worked his way up in accounting positions in various organisations. 

In 2005 Mike finished his 30 year financial career as Finance Director of Ageas Insurance. Mike gained a Christian faith in his teenage years and has been actively involved in the church ever since. He became a licensed Lay Minister at 25 and was part of the Christian music group The Gospel Folk, who appeared on BBC radio in the 1960’s. Mike lost his wife in 2018 after 50 years of marriage. He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. 

Tim Trustee

Tim Titheridge

Tim lives in Hampshire with his ever increasing family. He has been involved in the advising and development of commercial property for over 48 years, predominantly as principal with City Estates Ltd, but also as a director of Rok Plc, responsible for running its property development subsidary.

As chair of the Wessex Cancer Trust, he has developed good inter-personal skills both on the public and private stage, gained considerable management expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of running and expanding both small and large companies.


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